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Suvichar - Monthly Magazine

Suvichar, which means noble thoughts in Gujarati and Hindi, is Sadvichar Parivar's monthly magazine.
Suvichar provides monthly updates of the trust activities and progress. Please use the link to read the current and previous issues of the magazine in PDF format.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use these magazines, if you need to install Acrobat Reader, please click on the image below to download it.

Suvichar: Monthly Magazines:
(Please click on the link below to open the PDF File.)

Suvichar: Oct-2019
Suvichar: Sep-2019
Suvichar: Aug-2019
Suvichar: Jul-2019
Suvichar: Jun-2019
Suvichar: May-2019
Suvichar: April-2019
Suvichar: March-2019
Suvichar: February-2019
Suvichar: January-2019

Suvichar: December-2018
Suvichar: November-2018
Suvichar: October-2018
Suvichar: September-2018
Suvichar: August-2018
Suvichar: July-2018
Suvichar: June-2018
Suvichar: May-2018
Suvichar: April-2018
Suvichar: March-2018
Suvichar: February-2018
Suvichar: January-2018

Suvichar: December-2017
Suvichar: November-2017
Suvichar: October-2017
Suvichar: September-2017
Suvichar: August-2017
Suvichar: July-2017
Suvichar: June-2017
Suvichar: May-2017
Suvichar: April-2017
Suvichar: March-2017
Suvichar: February-2017
Suvichar: January-2017

Suvichar: December-2016
Suvichar: November-2016
Suvichar: October-2016
Suvichar: September-2016
Suvichar: August-2016
Suvichar: July-2016
Suvichar: June-2016
Suvichar: May-2016
Suvichar: April-2016
Suvichar: March-2016
Suvichar: February-2016
Suvichar: January-2016

Suvichar: December-2015
Suvichar: November-2015
Suvichar: October-2015
Suvichar: September-2015
Suvichar: August-2015
Suvichar: July-2015
Suvichar: June-2015
Suvichar: May-2015
Suvichar: April-2015
Suvichar: March-2015
Suvichar: Feruary-2015
Suvichar: January-2015

Suvichar: December-2014
Suvichar: November-2014
Suvichar: October-2014
Suvichar: September-2014
Suvichar: August-2014
Suvichar: July-2014
Suvichar: June-2014
Suvichar: May-2014
Suvichar: April-2014
Suvichar: March-2014
Suvichar: February-2014
Suvichar: January-2014

Suvichar: December-2013
Suvichar: November-2013
Suvichar: October-2013
Suvichar: September-2013
Suvichar: August-2013
Suvichar: July-2013
Suvichar: June-2013
Suvichar: May-2013
Suvichar: April-2013
Suvichar: March-2013
Suvichar: January-2013

Suvichar: December-2012
Suvichar: July-2012

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