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India Based Leading NGO and Public Trust

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Services on the front of inculcation of Noble thoughts

Activities undertaken with the faith that drought of humanity in man can be successfully resisted only through the constant rains of good thoughts.
  • Amritbindu, New Greetings with divine messages
  • More than 300 publications
  • Monthly magazine: "Suvichar"
  • Special issues of magazine on various occasions
  • Banners, Posters, Wall-bulletins, Thought of the day
  • Jnana Yagna, Sadvichar Sutras, Food-for-the-mind lecture series by renowed subject matter experts
  • Samarpan Vidyapith: (Head office of the trust) Yoga, Laughing center for senior citizens, Youth Camps, Reading facility for students/youths for competition exams, home tifin service for senior citizen, Lecture series, Medical Van, Women rehabilitation center
  • Goodwill experiments of Rakhi-tieing
  • In jails, by the wife, mother or sister of the murdered to the murderer prisoner
  • Change of heart of condemned prisoners
  • Efforts at instilling goodwill between estranged families engaged in a chain of murders and counter murders
  • Rakhi teing in hospitals, schools, leprosy colonies
  • World brother day celebrations
  • Goodwill Meets.
  • Humble efforts at directing man's thoughts in the right directions and his life towards good deeds.

Your genrerous contribution for the noble cause for this institution will be highly appreciated. For donation details, please click here.

Home | Activities | Membership | Donations | Feedback | Contact us