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Sadvichar Parivar at Long Term Nation Building

Activities intiated out of anxiousness to uplift the nation, to build the character and to achieve over-all progress and prosperity in health, wealth and values.

  • Conservation of Water
    • Percolation Tanks
    • Farm Tanks
    • Check Dams

  • Afforestation- Protection of Trees
    • Tree-Planting
    • Literature for generating love for trees in the massess
    • Ravi Van, Punit Van, Sadbhav Van, Shahid Van
    • Vidyapith Van, Bal-Van, Jeevan Van, Anand-Van, Smashan Van

  • Conservation of Wood
    • Cast-Iron pyre-beds
    • Community Holi fire

  • Viklang Punarvas Kendra- Rehabilitation Centre for the physically handicapped
    • Orthopeadically handicapped children are provided - Free Education, Free Occupational Training, Free Residence, Free Messing

  • Kshetraman Anna (Food in the fields)
    • Irrigation projects for the economic uplift of Adivasis in Vadodara and Danta Regions.
    • Community Marriages
    • Sattwik Garbas, Ma Janeta Garba
    • 'Save Water' Campaign
    • Efforts at bringing up the high underground water tables by preventing rain-waters from gushing down to the seas.
    • Campaign at efforts to eradicate both floods and famines

  • Your genrerous contribution for the noble cause for this institution will be highly appreciated. For donation details, please click here.
Home | Activities | Membership | Donations | Feedback | Contact us