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Welcome to Sadvichar Parivar Website

Gujarat based NGO, Sadvichar Parivar, earnestly striving for service to the afflicted and for propagation of noble thoughts, for more than 60 years.

This organization stands to sublimate the noble emotions of service and dedication; no mere sermons, but their genuine implementation in life; an humble and sincere effort at all-out welfare of the deprived, distressed, diseased, diswayed, disgraced humans.

Broad classification of activities:
* Nation Building and Education Services
* Eye and Health Services
* Relief to the distressed
* Extension of Traditional and Cultural Thoughts

Founded on Vijaydashmi Day in 1949 A.D. in august presence and with divine blessings of saintly persons. Sadvichar Parivar is since being fortunately showered with constant saintly blessings.

Life Members exceeding the strength of 10,000 and a large number of dedicated workers proffer dynamism to the organization's service activities.

Real President of Sadvichar Parivar is God Almighty. Real worker is he who applies himself to selfless work with missionary zeal. A Sadvicharist (belonging to Sadvichar family) shuns active politics; barter or cashing of his services and personal publicity; and he beams with spirit of selfless service.

Donations to the organization are exempted from Income-Tax, under 80-G and under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976.

Home | Activities | Membership | Donations | Feedback | Contact us