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Sadvichar Parivar
Bina Shreyas Health Education, Information & Resource Center

Activities related to health care have aquired a great significance with in Sadvichar Parivar. These activities includes eye hospital, dental care, physiotherapy, blood donation, kidney and body donation, tobacco de-addiction, general health care, renting home health care appliances etc.
Sadvichar Parivar has also published many literature on health issues.

Now we are set to create state of art - Heath Education Information and Resource Center at our headquarter - Samarpan Vidyapith at Ahmedadbad. This may be probably one of its kind of such center run by public charities in our country.

For detailed information about activites and offerings through the Health education information and resource center, please click link below for a presentation:

Heath Education Information and Resource Center

*** Latest updates ***

As of June 2017, following new facilities have been added:

On ground floor, following medical and non-medical facilities are now avaiable:
  • Patient Counselling Center
  • Disha Foundation Dental Clinic
  • Shri Chinubhai R.Shah Pathology Laboratory
  • Anjanay Vision Center
  • Suwarnaben Ishwarlal Modi Physiotherapy Center
  • Anjanay Reading Room and Study Center
  • Reception Center
On first floor, following facilities are are now available:
  • Borad Trustee meeting room
  • Digital Library
  • Mahila utkarsh kendra
  • Multi-purpose Common Hall
To assist senior citizens, lift facility has been provided for an easy access to the first floor.

Ground Floor Medical and Non-Medical Facilites

Home | Activities | Membership | Donations | Feedback | Contact us