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Hargovandas Prabhudas Sadvichar Parivar General Hospital

Eye Hospital:With the zeal, in mind and to fulfill the noble cause of serving the poor and needy people, Sadvichar Parivar, was founded in 1949. It has since then been constantly receiving showers of blessings from Saints and love and affection from the people for its dedicated social services. With the blessings of Saint Sri Santram Maharaj of Nadiad, the organisation carried out the activities of Eye Camp; through out Gujarat and even outside the state like Bihar and Rajasthan and also in the remote villages and tribal areas. The opthelmic surgeries are performed free of charge by expert surgeons.

Eye Hospital

Late Shri Haribhai Panchal, the founder of the Savichar Parivar generously alloted a spacious bungalow of his late wife Smt. Shardaben for starting eye hospital. This is how the activities of the hospital was carried out during the period from 26-1-1980 to July 85. Subsquently institution received suitable land from Govt. of Gujarat for building a well equipped modern opthelmic surgical hospital.

Shri Dongreji Maharaj recited Bhagwat Katha for the benefit of the institution where in Shri. Maneklalbhai, donated Rs.11 Lakhs in the name of his father Shri Hargovandas Prabhudas and several other donors also contributed for the noble cause. Thus a modern hospital with latest facilities was started in 1985 and the hospital is receiving Govt. grant upto certain extent every year.

1970 The hospital has organized Eye Camps in and around 213 Villages
1985 A full fledged hospital started to serve the poor specially of rural areas.
1996 Hospital activities strengthened and modernised with latest sophisticated equipments and well qualified doctors and paramedical staff.
2001-2005 Dental clinic, Physiotherapy center, General Physician and Chasma Ghar unit started.
2010-2011 Diwaliben Hargovandas Prabhudas Prasuti Grah and Nursing Home.
2011-2012 Introduced services of Mobile Medical Van.
2012-2013 Matru-Shishu (Mother-Child) Care Center, Pediatric and Thalassemia Center, and Pathology laboratorylaboratorylaboratory.

Operation Theater                               Dental Unit
Operation Theater Dental Unit
Physiotherapy unit
Physiotherapy Unit

Gyneacological department

In Sep.2011 Gyneacological department was inaguarated in the hospital. This department consists of maternity and nursing home with modern facilities to help needy patients at a very reasonable cost.

Main Entrance
Main Entrance

Doctors Office
Doctor's office

Delivery Room
Delivery Room

General Ward
General Ward

Special Facilities:
  • Free nutritive meal to the patients admitted in the hospital
  • Nominal food charges of Rs.2 for the escorts of the patient.
  • Sanitation unit with good sanitary system.
  • Water cooler facilities equipped with Aquaguard filtration.
  • Canteen facility for tea etc.
  • Well ventilated and clean rooms.
  • Pre-operative assessment, follow up and childhood cataract management.
  • Having compassionate and techinically excellent care for patients having low vision.

  • Interested people can extend their monetary support to make project successful in order to provide valuable services to the needy people.

    Your generous contribution for the noble cause for this institution will be highly appreciated. For donation details, please click here.

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