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Sadvichar Parivar at Disaster Relief

With faith that relief to the distressed is devotion to the Lord, dedicated service to those afflicted by calamities.

  • In times of severe droughts
    • Growing of green grass
    • Running Cattle Camps
    • Deepening of Wells
    • Butter-milk centers
    • Sukhadi project
    • Food for Work
    • Grain banks
    • Seed Banks
    • Footware Distribution

  • In the wake of floods and cyclone
    • Immediate relief work
    • Mass-scale cremation of dead bodies
    • Providing free occupation kits
    • Rehabilitation of the flood/cyclone afflict
    • Reconstruction of ravaged villages in Gujarat, Bihar, UP, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh

  • In wake of dam-collapse/accidental calamities
    • Relief work at the risk of life
    • Efforts to save the trapped person
    • Care to preserve the morale of the addlicted persons
    • Efforts at inspiring the despaired
    • Procuring compensation for the affected

  • At the time of agitations/riots
    • 24-hour relief centres in general hospitals
    • Providing blood, medicine, fruits, conveyance, food during curfew hour
    • Efforts for the restoration of order and goodwill

Your genrerous contribution for the noble cause for this institution will be highly appreciated. For donation details, please click here.

Home | Activities | Membership | Donations | Feedback | Contact us